Consumer Rights

Jago Grahak Jago was a campaign started by the Indian Government to raise awareness among the consumers treated helplessly by the manufacturers, retailers and services providers. The Government wanted consumers to be aware of the rights that were provided to them while this campaign sufficed in making them aware about the unfairness prevailing in the dynamic of producer and consumer and a few basic rights, there is a great portion of the consumer rights and laws that people are not even versed with.

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However, it must be mentioned that even though the government offers rights regarding your power as a consumer, it also burdens you with some responsibilities as a consumer and that is what leads to many legal conflicts. We will help you in understanding and fighting for your rights when they have been violated and get justice as needed.

Right to be safety
Right to Information
Right to Redressal
Right to Heard

Our Work and Step Includes

Advising and counseling the clients in relation to their overall intellectual property protection and enforcement strategy in india, including undertaking the anti-counterfeiting actions and other contentions proceedings before various Tribunal, High courts and other Courts in india.

Drafting, negotiating and advising clients on Trademarks, trade design, Copyrights, and patents infringement, domain names, anti-cybersquatting , comparative and false advertising, trade secrets and confidential information.


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