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Marriage and divorce. India is a secular country and a wide number of religions are freely practiced. The major religions practiced include Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity. People solemnize marriages in accordance with religious rituals and ceremonies, which are mostly codified by statutory personal laws.

Divorce cases
Child Custody
Financial issues of family

Step for Filing the Divorce:

The Hindu Marriage Act 1955 and the Special Marriage Act 1954. A divorce petition can be presented to the district court within the local limits of whose original civil jurisdiction the:


· Marriage was solemnised.

· Respondent, at the time of the presentation of the petition, resides.

· Parties to the marriage last resided together.

· Wife resides on the date of presentation of the petition (if she is the petitioner).

· Petitioner resides at the time of the presentation of the petition, in a case where the respondent, at that time, either:

· resides outside the territories to which the acts extend; or

· has not been heard of as being alive for a period of seven years or more by those persons who would naturally have heard of him/her if he/she were alive.

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Divorce cases are very common and the issues such as child custody are is the most common of them all. In divorce cases the lawyers needs clear the outcomes after filing a suit in the court and tell all the circumstances which can affect both of them. Our lawyers take maximum precautions to avoid any loss to our clients because of divorce and are always transparent to tell the results and other options. We always go through the deep study of the cases of divorce and ask everything in detail so that the justice be given to our clients.

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